Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ashley presents Kahn & Selesnick

Well I was talking to Kent Rush and he gave me a flyer to a show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for the show The Apollo Prophecies & Mars: Adrift on the hourglass and the images are really insane. They remind me of an HD version of an old Mars attacks b-rated horror movie.

I also went to check out their website and they seem to use the human body as a part of the landscape they are shooting, it is really interesting that they use the form at times camouflaged in and at other times as an enhancement for the area around them. I also really enjoy the use of monsters in the images.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ashley presents Claudia Behnke

So I have been very interested in color lately more specifically a minimal type of color. I found this photographer that did a set of photos called "Vision China" that is exactly what I am interested in. This particular set of images jumped out at me not just because of the use of color though it also had to do with the placement of the colors. In the set there are two images in particular that stood out to me especially the blue one, it is just so strange and beautiful.