Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brianna Cristiano Reviews Cynthia Greig

Cynthia Greig has a series that deals with miniature items that interact with life size figures. She tries to create alternate worlds where we humans are the gods and the miniature things exist in reality. Our sense of natural order is in question and and our point of view is obscured. I believe her images work well and i do like the miniature items i find them humorous but i do believe this type of work has been a bit overdone.

Brianna Cristiano reviews Chris Anthony

Chris Anthony is photographer that like to tell stories in his work. his work is interesting because each photograph has a narrative and you can come up with a story based on the characters of his images. They are very imaginative and creative and i do really enjoy his work. yall should check him out http://chrisanthony.viewbook.com/20092011

Brianna Cristiano Reviews Roland Buehlmann

Roland Buehlmann known as Ormaxx is a photographer from Switzerland. He uses a Nikon FM2 body, without lenses and uses over 30 different pinhole apertures on color slide film. His photographs are about color and light and they are meditative. I enjoy his work because the way he uses the light in each photograph is completely different he is not stuck on one way of doing things. The colors are beautiful and the streaks of light do give it a meditative state.

Brianna Cristiano Reviews Piano Paille Pinhole


Piano Paille Pinhole is a exhibition/performance by photographer Mabel Odessey and a jazz pianist Stephane sassi. They are trying to erase the boundries of visual art and music. I find this work to be exciting Mabel makes pinhole cameras out of almost anything and staphane uses the same material to make a musical instrument the two play off of each other to make a cohesive work. I thought this was really interesting because i had never heard of anything like this. It is always exciting to see something new and different than the conventional photographers are doing.

Brianna Cristiano Reviews Sally Mann

Deep SouthSally Mann did a series called the "the deep south" which focuses on photographs that she took in Mississippi and Louisiana. The photographs came out interesting to me because she used the broken lens and camera to her advantage. She used the light leaks and it gives her photographs a unique quality it has a hazy dreamlike feel. She dedicated each photograph to a time in history mostly the Civil rights era and even one where she dedicated to a young boy kidnapped and murdered. I like when photographers use history in their images it gives the photographs a mystery and you want to know more about them and what happened there.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Brianna Cristiano submits John Cyr

John Cyr Photographed developer trays of famous photographers. I found his work very interesting because we see the work of the photographers not their developer trays and it is like he is showing the work the photographers have done throughout a long period of time. Most of the trays are worn out scratched up and even though it is something that is so simple i believe it is powerful.

Brianna Cristiano sumbits Chuck Kelton

a deisre to communicate - magnolia laurieRun From View is a black and white silver gelatin print. Chuck Kelton works from personal experiences this particular work is about the chaos of life. I do appreciate that Chuck is bringing abstract work into photography it almost seems like an abstract painting to me. I do not really see how his concept is related to this work. I do not get the chaos of life from this work at all this photograph gives me a lonely isolated feeling not chaotic. The white area in the middle is just empty space if anything it makes me think that he was going for a distraction of daily life or an interruption.

Brianna Cristiano submits Andrea modica

I am personally not a huge fan of still lifes they tend to be overdone and usually are the same subject matter but i find andrea modica's work more intriguing than a boring still life. She takes her still life and puts personality into them they are almost portraits to me even though there are no human figures in them she gives the image so much personality by giving the items a worn feeling.

Brianna Cristiano submits Adam Fuss

this is a photogram with dye and bleach by Adam FussDetail Image
Adam fuss like to use old techniques and put his own modern spin on them. Like with the Rabbits above he uses a basic photo technique photograms something every beggining photographer learns and he pushes it to a different level. By using the bleach and dye it gives the photograph a unique quality that draws the audience into the scene.

Greg Gabrisch review Magdalena Bors

Magdalena Bors is a photographer from Australia that creates installations out of various materials and objects and incorporates them into her photographs. Magdalena uses things such as yarn which she knits into landscapes with grass, trees, and rivers and places them in places such as a living room setting to create a very interesting composition. She has also uses other household things such as cut out sponges, thumbtacks, buttons, and even sand to create her installations. She creates very imaginative miniature worlds and places them inside ordinary spaces which gives the images a very interesting twist.

Heesun Park reviews Close - self portrait

Close's effort to replicat photographic realism by hand also led him to abstraction. Close is known for his enormous portrait paintings, each based on a small photograph of the subject's head, captured straight on and with a deliberately blank expression. Close transfers the photographic image to canvas using a rather mechanical mural method, drawing a grid on both the photograph and the cavas, he fills in each individual box on the canvas in correspondence with the source image.

Josie Ortiz reviews David Graham's Almost Paradise

"Tirelessly traveling the United States, Graham captures the colorful, sometimes surreal, and often bizarre, in the thoroughly American landscape. Graham seeks out subjects which celebrate our singular freedom of expression in colorful roadside attractions and general oddities..." I believe David Graham successfully documented the spirit of American culture in this series. The use of colors in the photos really give it a commercialized feeling. Something of the "American Dream" or what people desire. The colorful photos bring out an eccentric surrealness in representing "Americana" the way it should be represented. I believe the images have their own story, a somewhat narration that represents freedom of expression.

Heesun Park reviews Hirst : The Physical Impossibility of Death in the mind of someone living

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the mind of someone living, is the name given to a sixteen-foot tiger shark suspended a vast tank of greenish formaldehyde.

Hirst's own works combine pseudo-philosophic titles with objects designed to stir outrange, disgust, and a heightened awareness of mortality.

From Art Today.

Josie Ortiz reviews Jason Engelund's Photo Enso Series

I've always been interested in the way light affects the perspective of objects. When you stare at transparent objects, when that light hits the glass so delicately, I can't help but want to keep that image, because I don't think I'd have the same experience again. Jason Engelund creates compositions that delve into light's capability to create abstract and dreamlike experiences. I think he has an interesting style combining photography and a sort of painterly feeling towards the images. I think this series gives a sort of ethereal experience to the viewer. It really gives you time to immerse yourself in the image which is what I think Engelund wanted the viewer to experience.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Heesun Park reviews Gabriel Orozco

- Orozco endows objects with personal and social meanings that express his own sense of displacement in a nomadic art world. In some of his works, he appears to view the world itself as a readymade, for instance in photographs highlighting strange juxtapositions found by chance in the environment, such as an arrangement of twigs on a sidewalk or a bicycle resting on a fallen tree in the desert.

- until you find another yellow schwalbe, Orozoco drove around Rome on a yellow motor scooter and snapped a photograph of every other yellow scooter he saw, as if to establish his own place in this foreign land.