Monday, September 9, 2013

Christy Campbell submits Sarah Sze

 Sarah Sze works more sculpturally than photographically but I thought she would be a good example for this assignment because she arranges everyday objects into interesting compositions.  The photographs I have included are some of her smaller pieces, but they reflect well for the Corner, Wall, Table assignment.  Her intricate sculptures are put into places that can interact with her work.  For example, many of her pieces are suspended from the ceiling or coming out of a wall or the ground.  Not only are the objects a good reference to look at but the way she approaches the placement of the sculptures is important to think about as well.  How are the objects we choose engaging with the environment around them?

Christy Campbell submits David Goldes

 I stumbled upon David Goldes while researching ideas for the Table, Wall, Corner assignment.  I found his setups simple but intriguing.  He uses everyday objects and transforms them into something else.  The lighting is not extreme but he illuminates his objects well.  Goldes uses objects such as string to move water, or make a mold of an object.  What I appreciate most is the simplicity of his photographs but they are still engaging.  After doing some research I found that he received his bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry which makes his work seem appropriate.  The way he dissects the objects and puts them back together speaks to his scientific background.  I included the link to his website so you can check out his other pieces.