Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rebecca Vllarreal reviews Erin V. Sotak

Erin V. Sotak is an awesome photographer that every photo student should look up multiple times. She has a spectacular use of color that gives all her work a sort of a really rich look. In most of her work she is bring back to life classic paintings, giving them a little bit of a modern twist. She’s clever in the different props she uses to tell her story.
I have to say she succeeds in her approach of telling a story, with a single image. She puts enough information in her photos that a viewer can discern the message she is trying to get across. Also she makes sure to put enough information in the photo to be able to figure out the historical work she is referencing, if she is referencing a historical work.
Looking at her work from purely execution of good work, she shines at that too. Her use of colors is so eye catching you can’t help but want to stare at any of her photos just to be amazed at the colors and how they play off each other. She mentions in her statement that she tends to use color with symbolic meaning, in her performance Chase lounge, the dramatic red wall on either side of her, does a great job of allowing the viewer to feel and see the dramatic passion, that is symbolized in a crimson red. In her piece Weeping Box, the grey rock wall behind her and the grey ground bring out that sad feeling associated with the color. Even just looking at the onions your mind already associates the idea of your eyes watering as though you are weeping; it’s a nice play with irony.
Her work for me is best summed up in her own words: “I believe in grand romantic gestures, epic failure, endless absurdity, aesthetic gasps and always hopeless optimism”
Her next show will be at Kendall College of Art and Design

To see her work go to her webstie

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