Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Andrea Couture submits Susan Burnstine

Susan Burnstine is a photographer who takes inspiration from dreams. She says that as a child she had vivid nightmares that would stick with her for days. As a way to cope with this and understand her dreams better, she started creating photographs. She has worked on a trilogy called "In Shadows" that consists of three different chapters, "On Waking Dreams", "Between", and "Flight". For the series, she created 21 handmade cameras so that she could create the type of photos she wanted in camera (instead of in post-processing).
I really enjoyed viewing Burnstine's work within the trilogy. It is interesting to see the different way her handmade cameras create elements. I really enjoy her work and I feel that it could influence the direction I would like to take in my work this semester.

To view more of her work, here is her website:


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