Thursday, February 21, 2013

3- Amanda Schweizer submits Paul Schneggenburger

Paul Schnegenburger's The Sleep of the Beloved series is hauntingly disturbing, yet somehow familiar.  He set up his camera in candlelight for 6-hour exposures in his studio, photographing how couples sleep together.  Some moved all night, others stayed still for hours on end.  Some cuddled in their sleep, others stayed away from each other.  It's all an intricate dance every couple performs every night.  There is a loss of control when we sleep.  It's interesting to think it may be a reflection of how they interact during waking hours.

There is a certain beauty in the motion and tonal range of these images.  Some faces are obscured, others are so clear you may recognize on the street.  This is such an interesting concept.  Long exposure / time-lapse photography is a technique I have considered trying in the future.  This series has opened my eyes to explore it in more ways than I previously considered.  Time to start planning...

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