Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jerry Cabrera/ Brittany Kennedy

Upon visiting the Joan Grona art gallery last week I was taken back by Jerry Cabrera's "Haven Series". The content within these paintings are very simple. They have a nice tonal range within the gradation of the horizontal line. Other then the relationship the colors play between one another there is nothing but color on the canvas. The canvas has no variation of shapes except for the line and the relationship built between the color and space around the color. I found his "Haven #50" to be the most appealing. My eye was restful and my mood was peaceful. Meanwhile viewing some of Cabrera's other works I became uneasy as the relationship between the colors were more vibrant and confrontational. I was more at peace with Haven #50 due to the green tones that were on the canvas. The image above is actually Haven #7.

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