Saturday, April 3, 2010

SAMA: Psychedelic Exhibition Brittany kennedy

I recently went to the SAMA. I was able to see the psychedelic exhibition that is currently being shown at the SAMA. The artist range from Frank Stella to our own Constance Lowe who is a professor here at UTSA. I was very much into a work of Frank Stella and just being able to view his work in person was a pleasure in itself. I was drawn to a work titled Double Scrambled. I could not acquire a photo of the work and this photograph seems smaller then the one I viewed however this pattern was in the work and it was a diptych. The design read across to me as very minimalist however the vibrancy of the colors screamed psychedelic. The way the two squares interchange conversations in a push and pull relationship. The painting works as an accordion expanding and contracting between the relationship or conversation between the colors coming from both shapes. Ironically Stella stayed close to the use of primary colors versus secondary colors. Since Stella was still able to create such rhythm and controversy between the colors using only primary colors makes this work even more aesthetically appealing.

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  1. where are the photo shows?????
    Good for you for going to see the painting stuff too, but man...what I wouldn't do for a photo exhibition review...sigh.