Saturday, March 19, 2011

Salina Ellis presents Sara VanDerBeek

What an interesting artist. VanDerBeek appropriates images, some from art history books, creates sculptural assemblages photographs them, and then disassembles them. So then they only exist in the photograph. She was a cofounder of a now defunct gallery. Her curatorial background compliments her sculptural work.

Her father, film maker Stan VanDerBeek, died in 1984 leaving behind piles of work. She and her brother spent years filtering through the work and coordianted a show in 2008 of their father's work. She has stated in an interview that this experience has influenced her later work.

A great article about her is here.

A 2009 series "A Composition for Detroit" explores our current economic climate by focusing on one if it's great casualties.

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