Saturday, September 22, 2012

David Finell reviews resource link Creative Live

Creative Live, An outstanding resource for creative professionals and enthusiasts

Creative Live is an online creative training resource site.  They host online live seminars pertaining to photographic, video, and graphic arts and the business there of.  They use live video streaming with two live chat rooms to interact with world-class instructors and professionals in the business.  The subject of seminars can range from managing and the business side of wedding photography to techniques used in fine art photography.  They have seminars on the use of new tools like a new version of Photoshop or light room or the use and features of a new camera.  Their instructors have included Scott Bourne, Tamera Lackey, Don Giannatti, Rick Sammon, Bambi Cantrell, and others.

I learned about Creative Live from a podcast called Photo Focus by Scott Bourne.  The first live program I saw/attended was one on children portraiture by Tamera Lackey.  The instruction was outstanding, the questions from the Internet and the small contingent of students attending the seminar live was intelligent and the answers were insightful.  Due to the nature of the seminar when student activities were taking place the pace could be a bit slow, but the hosts tried to maintain interest throughout the seminar.  These programs compare very favorably to similar seminar and small group instruction that I have attended at a cost of thousands of dollars for a weekend.  Not all of the subject matter interests me, but All of can be very valuable to people with the specific needs or interests of the subject matter.

I highly recommend Creative Live as a resource for learning new tools and techniques with contemporary peers, and masters.  Check them out at

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