Monday, September 24, 2012

Joseph Tidline Resource Link: New York Foundation for the Arts

I know, I know, NYFA is not exactly located in Texas; however, the Texas Foundation for the Arts website sucks. Unlike our state's variant the NYFA has tons of valuable resources such as job postings, which for graduating seniors is always nice offering.

Another area of interest the studio realty listings. Artists can find affordable (granted in a New York version what is affordable) studio spaces at foundries and warehouses that have been (slightly) renovated and re-purposed as studio space. One place I noticed was the Morgan Fine Arts Building. So, if you're interested in moving up north to NYC this is great to check out.

The NYFA also awards fellowships each year in a rotating group of specialties each year. Last year, a total of 94 Fellowships of $7,000 each were awarded in the following disciplines: Fiction; Film/Video; Folk/Traditional Arts; Interdisciplinary Work, and Painting. For the 2013 cycle they will be awarding a photography fellowship so if you are interested you can look up the guidelines here.

The NYFA offers a magazine, NYFA Current, which reports the latest news in the arts world. It is published  twice monthly and it can be found in electronic form on their website. It features artist interviews, news about artists and events, and information about upcoming grants, residencies, and competitions nationwide.

Finally, NYFA offers multiple articles on the business of the arts, which is important in order to move forward  in such a competitive industry. Topics include obtaining housing and studio space, insurance, legal issues, and more.They also have interviews with of different mediums and discuss these topics while also allowing the artist to offer advice to prospective students.

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