Thursday, March 28, 2013

4- Amanda Schweizer submits Ashot Gevorkyan & Yaryshev Evgeny

   Two nutty Russian photographers, Ashot Gevorkyan and Yaryshev Evgeny, created a series of photographs of people "In Da Car."  This hilarious set of single-frame stories say so much in each instant they tripped the shutter. The expressions on the subjects faces are priceless, which is a nod to the photographers who had the instinct of when the exact moment arrived. Kudos also go to the necessary talent and creativity when setting up each scene.

   I have been drawn to humorous and unexpected situation photographs lately, and these are a great representation of that mood. As you study each one carefully, you'll find details you had not noticed before, which makes you want to look for more. The tight frames force you to pay attention to what is happening in the car, regardless of the surrounding world.

   From what little information I was able to gather about these talented photographers, they are from St. Petersburg, Russia.  They used four different cars and about thirty people to create this fun series of photographs.

The red light emitting from the back window sets the mood for a hot passionate romp
in the back seat.  The driver appears to be either surprised or shocked by what he sees.
It reminds me of what might happen in the back seat of a cab in New York City.

Framing the photo with the woman's legs is creative and perfect for
setting the scene. These guys are enjoying the view, as if they are
sightseeing.  There are probably a lot of groans and lots of
head-bobbing going on in that car.

This tough duo is heading into the woods, which you see in the windshield,
to get rid of the body in the back seat. It's as if it's no big deal,
because they're just doing their job.

This is why you should wear a seat belt... The driver hit the brakes too hard and
they ended up like a bunch of bugs splattered on the inside of the windshield.

This is my favorite scene of the series... the expression on the guy's face is perfect!
He finally found a way to shut up his annoying girlfriend and he is one happy dude.

I cannot find their original website, so this is the closest I can find:

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