Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lauren Pai Submits Chris McCaw

In 2003, Chris McCaw went on a camping trip to shoot long-exposure night photography with a large format camera and by using the platinum/ palladium process. He fell asleep one night and woke up late realizing that he had not closed the shutter in time, but he discovered something much better.

" The rising sun was so focused and powerful that it physically changed the film. The sun burns its path onto the negative creating an effect called solarization, a natural reversal of tonality due to over-exposure. The negative literally has a burnt hole in it with the surrounding landscape in complete reversal. He then started experimenting and perfecting his technique using the sun as an active participant in his images"

Even without knowing the process of these images, you can sense that something more powerful out there had disrupted what was supposed to be a landscape and formed it into a ghostly remnant of where the sun had rose and fallen. He has truly captured light.

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