Thursday, March 22, 2018


            Imagine a world full of “yous”, similar “yous”, drastically different “yous”, all together, interacting, communicating, and getting to know each other. Imagine multiples of other people interacting with various “thems” but also with the various “yous”. Photographer, Daisuke Takakura’s makes this world more attainable in his series Monodramatic in which his model poses various ways and layers those images to create clones. Takakura’s work Monodramatic draws from a similar named theatrical term, monodrama. From a theatrical background, the movements, interactions and expressions of the selves reflect that. Obviously, Takakura explores the self but more so the alternative self, the self that is, the self that was, the self that could have been and the self that is to come. Further, these people could represent the different sides of you and the different layers of you. Additionally, the amount of layers of these photos on top of each other is impressive. The images are a tad dramatic in expression but the idea of multiples of you and others is interesting to explore.




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