Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Jamie Salazar profiles Boogie

What if your life, your world, even your home was dropped right in the middle of a war zone?  NO, I mean a real life war zone with bombs, guns, and explosions right at your front door.  Would it adjust your perspective of what the definition of home was, is, or could be? 


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The contemporary photographer Boogie gives us an insight of just that, a view of life in chaos.  His works not only reflect a certain commentary on life in war, but also how the normalcy of life somehow still continues through these trying outside forces.  His use of contrast and tone is interesting to the eye, as well as very telling of the subjects in which he shoots.  Some of his subjects can also give a feeling of innocence lost, especially when displayed together amongst the anger of war photos.
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Boogie’s photos seem to connect and tell a strong narrative story, each one speaks not only on its own but in relation to one another. It is those visual conversations which draw us in as viewers and allow us to understand and even relate to the work in ways other works cannot. 

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Born and raised in Belgrade, Boogie grew-up in the middle of the civil unrest of the 1990’s.  With all this true life exposure and experience, the truth and honesty show through in all of the works in the series “Belgrade belongs to me.”  For more about this artist and his many other works check out my two recommended links below.


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