Friday, March 30, 2018


          At first glance, Michelle Rogers Pritzl's series Not Waving But Drowning feels like its hard to breathe and tight chests. There is an automatic tension amongst the images with closed images and circle borders. Simultaneously, there is an inner scream with the faces being quiet yet the figural gestures being aggressive. The woman feels powerless. In her description of this series, Pritzl writes of representing an Evangelical marriage and the "cult-like manipulation". In a broader sense, Pritzl discusses gender roles and the hidden home.  This series speaks of marriages that appear flawless on the outside but inside the home is war. This type of oppression can be seen in other types of relationships as well, thinking about the amount of abuse that has been present among children. Additionally the circle frames and the photo process used aids in the dating of this lifestyle. Overall, Pritzl strives to be truth amongst this issue, once being in this situation, sharing, "This is my protest. I will no longer be silent. I choose to live."


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