Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kathryn Fisher reviews Chrissy Lush

Chrissy Lush is a photographer who is interested in how people construct their reality, more specifically their surroundings, homes, and spaces and how they present themselves to others.
Her photos in homes consist of only two or three prominent colors. These photos are staged images that evoke a sense of emptiness and futility. Even though the rooms are brightly colored, there are only a few objects present in the rooms, which brings about a sense of sadness and emptiness. When looking at these images I do not see these as homes that people have moved away from. Lamps are still plugged into the walls, curtains still hang in the windows. People still exist within these spaces. I interpret these as conceptual/metaphorical representations of mood. These awkward spaces show the strain and anxiousness of their inhibitors. 

The arrangement of objects makes rooms uncomfortable and sometimes unusable. In The View, a bedroom can be seen through a hole that has been punctured into a wall. This image creates a sense of unease because this hole has been created in an otherwise perfect custard colored wall. Why is this hole here? It isn’t because of any kind of construction because nothing in the bedroom has been covered or put away. This is a representation of a mental or emotional state. In Abundance the curtains are too long and take up the entire room. Because of these curtains nothing else can go into this room. 

All of the rooms that Chrissy Lush creates are award in ways such as these. She manages to create a beautiful uneasiness within her images with her use of color and minimal objects in the photos. 

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