Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ruth Olivares Reviews Ahmed Jadallaha

Ahmed Jadallaha, photo journalist from Palestine, risks his life daily to capture the truth about war in the Gaza Strip. He has many times over nearly lost his life and has made himself a target causing himself to be barred from local establishments.

I do find the images disturbing but for  personal reasons I am drawn to photo journalism and especially images that shock my senses as these do.  
Camera angels make this image more emotional then had it just been a standard horizontal shot. I get the impression that Jajallaha is engaged in the struggle of the street violence. Was he running, hiding or injured when he captured this snap second in time.
The unpleasant view of the young boy being framed by a bullet shot  windshield comes with great reminders of how I as an individual enjoy my life so much that I often forget the struggles of others.
The perspective of this photo ( one point) allows the subject matter to take main stage for a closer examination of his eyes focusing on, possibly the next round of bullets? His red shirt almost makes him a perfect target for the enemy. This view could very easily imply that it is being seen through the eyes of the gunman himself! The repetitious shape of the  bullet holes allows the space to be broken up so that my eyes is kept traveling from one spot to the next.

The subject is difficult to deal with but I do appreciate the courage photo journalist must have to report to the world whats happening on the other side.

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