Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ruth Olivares Reviews Bruno Boudjellal

Bruno Boudjellal

Doesn't care if his images are in focus nor does he sometimes care about elements or principle of photography. He takes his images by feeling, he mentions. He mainly focuses on shooting his family and  people of Algeria where Bruno reconnected with his Arab roots. 
I see playful images (right) as aesthetically pleasing. The us of motion, blur of color and subject matter taking up 3//4 of the space all works very well to give the viewer a dream like illusion and it works well for me. However, I can't say that I appreciate too much motion (below right). when am image is too ambiguous, to some it becomes intriguing but to myself it is difficult to look at and gives me a headache! lol! Iguess I'm trying to balance out the image and find some elements to focus on but I have to try too hard and I immediately move on.
Although in the bottom  image, the young child on the scooter is in jsut enough focus to allow me to be at ease with the entire scene of the location. Conceptually I do see myself being drawn in by the rail the young man is leaning on and that quickly makes my eye shift to the light post and up to the top story of the building and back down to the man in the black shirt. I rest again on the child with the scooter. I am fascinated with the drift shown by the affect of the blurred  view and by the movement of the random shot itself.

 The artist shoots mainly in black and white but sometimes in color. I don't think these particular photos would have as much impact in black and white. I'm wondering If I'm the only one that feels that.

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