Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Robert Benson reviews Laura Noel

Laura noel is a photographer from Atlanta Georgia where most of her works on her website fall into the category of elegantly simplistic. The color of her images are all natural true to life colors that give her imagery a personal feel like snap shots from her life. Also the themes for her different works are things that most people can appreciate and have enough involvement with that they can have an opinion on the subject as well as the aesthetic qualities of her work.

Smoke Break - Whitney Behind her job

I personally enjoy her smoker series the best out of what I have seen on her website. The way the person smoking looks unconcerned with the bad stigma that surrounds the act of smoking yet there surroundings are places that make it look like they are ashamed about smoking and they do it regardless.
All's Fair - Flood Lights
All's Fair - March Rains

I also appreciate the idea behind her All’s Fair series however the girly and slightly disengaged subject matter throws me off. In Noels artist statement about this body of work she says “for her photography is like trying to catch the world in a flimsy net.” I think that it would be better executed if the images didn’t look staged and were more visually interesting like taking pictures without the use of sight. Perhaps the only image that I feel does justice to this title is her image Flood Lights and possible March Rains because I don’t feel like they are staged and the composition keeps your eyes moving and on the image.

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