Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Elayne Estrada_Bill Brandt

 Bill Brandt
Started his career in Paris in 1929; Bill Brandt had such an exciting place for a young artist to begin. The access to young models without modest minds to be expressed naked was at his advantage. When photographing nudes, Brandt let his camera do most of the talking. His interference was minimal with the images produced and manipulated because of the lens/lenses used. The artist had never observed the anatomical images and shapes produced before. Through his photography, Brandt has mastered actuate distortion in which he has used to convey the weight of a body or the lightness of movement.

I chose the images because of the way he has manipulated the image by the positioning of his camera. He really plays with the scale of the subject to the scale of the background. The foreground of the woman’s head and the scenery in the back ground have a significant distinguish and almost looks like the images have been pasted on to one another.

Elayne Estrada

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