Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Elayne Estrada_Yamini Nayar

Yamini Nayar
Yamini Nayor, an artist in Brooklyn, NY, works with architecture and installation as photography. In her, “Underfoot and Overfoot,” c-print, she photographs found and discarded materials and gathers them to arrange an image that has been destroyed by an act of nature. The installation is destroyed once the photo shoot comes to an end. In her Study 1 c-print, Nayor draws directly onto her photograph. She uses geometric line technique to invent order out of chaos to seek a sense of only where the remains of destruction lay.

Nayor is an interesting artist for us to reference because she uses material all of us have at our disposal and opens our mind to find new ways of conceptually producing new work. Chaos and order is a subject we all know too well and I feel we can definitely relate to the artist.

Elayne Estrada

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