Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Elayne Estrada_Marc Ullom

 Marc Ullom
Marc Ullom, a professional photographer in Michigan, has been creating complex photos that involve historical and experimental processes. His images articulate technical and abstract qualities. In his Evidence series, the artist states how he became intrigued with the idea of how we remember. The ability to remember every detail of something is impossible. So by giving the view a hint of detail to an item helps render the memory and draws concepts of vague recollections of what has been seen. The complexity of these images is successful though multilayering the objects photographed and then Photoshoped and eventually space is created through digital compositing.

I chose his Evidence series because of the complexity of an image and how we as artist can evolve what we have learned throughout our college experience and really push the envelope.

Elayne Estrada

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