Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Elayne Estrada_Robert Mapplethorpe

 Robert Mapplethorpe
Aside from photographing shadows, I am fascinated with the idea of shooting nudes. If only I could get my camera in front of one! Any takers?? Mapplethorpe’s lighting techniques are thoughtfully planned and carefully arranged. His remarkable talent grew increasingly during the late 70’s when he began documenting, through photography, the New York S & M scene. The artist attitude towards what he wanted to capture was shocking to the public but he insisted he was looking for the unexpected. He most certainly achieved such expectations! I feel that when I am observing one of his images, I observe mine in my head and question, how can I make this piece reflect anywhere close to the stature of his. It’s inspirational for me to want to achieve a sense of uniqueness and greatness within  my own work and it should be for yours as well.

What do we think of the nude man with his legs spread-eagle… wow! I mean who wouldn’t love to photograph that. The way the lighting distinguishes the muscles curves with the high and lowlights being omitted. This image looks soft and naturalistic.

Elayne Estrada

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