Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kelly Cuevas>>Brendan Carroll

Brendan Carroll is a visual artist. He received his BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, in 1996. He currently lives and works in Jersey City, NJ. He is very well know for his use of the polaroid camera and anecdotes that accompany the photos he takes. These anecdotes art from personal memory, actual events, other people's memories, or his imagination.

What is very interesting about these small polaroid photos is the way Carroll is able to create a story in his Money Shot (Frontal) series. With only a few sentences the viewer is able to imagine what that person is like and what their life is like. With just appearances and a small amount of information to go by the viewer can digest who they are. Whether it is accurate or not, we can play with the information given to us. In his series he has about 35 of these photos of different people with different stories. I believe its necessary to have so many because as soon as I read the first one, I just wanted to read more. He has a couple other series with this same take, but I felt like this series was the most compelling. Because you get a "frontal" view of the person and it helps put yourself in their shoes.

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