Saturday, February 27, 2010

The real SEED - Apryl Corbin

So last week I posted my seed but apparently it was the wrong idea. So Libby wants to know what inspires me, so that she will get.

Most of my work comes from past experiences that have happened in my own life. Everyone has a crazy family, but I would like to say that mine beats all others. My roller coaster of a life has inspired me in most of my works of art. The way that I feel is raw and real, however art allows you to think outside the box. The beauty in photography allows me to transform my emotions it to be whimsy and dreamlike, or take the emotion and translate it literally. I would have to say that my family and life experience is my most important seed.

Following close behind this seed is the water that goes on top to feed the plant. My water is my music. The lyrics that I listen to in the car, when I'm up, when I'm down, in the shower, in the kitchen, etc is what fuels my work as well. I usually listen to music that suite my mood at the time. In this state the lyrics allow me to create a picture in my head that I just have to get out. I have to say that music is the water and not the seed because my music inspired work always reflects my life and emotional state (seed).

So, now you know what fuels my work. Hope you can use it and understand more of where I am coming from.

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