Monday, March 1, 2010

3-1 Tina Barney- Ashley Olmos

Tina Barney is an artist that I have come across because of the way she sets up her photos. Some artist have been known to document through photography and she isn't like them she puts them together, creates them. Yes the images are of a certain type of social class and I do find the subject matter not interesting. They are everyday life which is an exhausted subject. What really fascinates me about Barney's work is all the planning and time that she puts into it. She plans these scenes and tackles them. She knows how she wants them to look meaning how the models should look at the camera, how she wants the surrounding objects placed, the clothes that the models wear, and the background should look like. In this particular photo all this was put into consideration. You can tell by the way that the entire room is pink or a shade of it. The scene she presents makes me look at the whole room, not in one direction but all over the place. I want to absorb all the details like the way the brushes are place. So your eye never stops. Even though there is an overload of pink the window being open to get the small amount of greens helps because it doesn't make you go crazy with pink. The relationship the models are within each other is creates this tension as if you have caught a glimpse of something. One of the models does create this motion which brings back some kind of candid moment. Tina Barney is a person to look at for her set up of photographs.


  1. I wear pink alot...At least more then likely something in every outfit has pink in it. This is the first time I have to agree with Libby and say PINK MAKES YOU ANGRY. This photograph though the subject content is interesting the pink is so overwhelming that my eyes wont allow my brain to dissect this image in an formal artistic manner. I look at it, think of a grandma's bathroom, and desire to look away without giving the photograph a second thought :-(

  2. Interesting unnamed comment...the crazy thing is that an image like this makes me have to look at the details rather than look away. It still has the potential to push me over the edge on the anger scale with all the pink, sure, but as Ashley points out, Tina Barney is truly controlling the image, the lighting, the models, the scene, all of it. This is the kind of control I want you all to start taking in making your images. Even if you are a hunter, you need to make a lot of artistic decisions while you are shooting...the camera shouldn't just do it for you.