Monday, March 1, 2010

Helmut Newton - Lauralee Palencia

Ok, so I am still learning how to search photographers and interesting photographs. Which ones are the good photographers? What is a good photograph? So, I will start with the obvious. Self-portraits! Here is Helmut Newton's self-portrait and there is so much to look at! So, now it comes down to what makes it interesting? Lets start with the fact that it is not just Newton and a model with a mirror, he has added things to the photograph he is taking of himself. What is he trying to tell us with the background? He has an audience, a woman sitting there watching him. Does he always have an audience? Does he like an audience? I have to assume that an audience is a big part of him and his works because it looks like behind the mirror he left the door to the outside world open. Anyone passing by can see him work.

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  1. Ego? And what does a female audience mean in relation to the nude female model. There is a lot to read in this image.