Tuesday, March 30, 2010

James Surls/ Brittany Kennedy

James Surls is a contemporary artist in which I have done research on recently. His main medium is to work with wood but over time and due to the weathering of wood he is now combining materials using wood, bronze, and steel. He studied at Sam Houston State University and went on to receive an M.F.A at Cranbrook Academy of Art. At first I found his work to be boring however as my search went on I found I was appreciative of his work. More specifically his piece "Seven Flower's Turning" This work is dynamic in scale and abstract in form. The composition of the work intrigues me greatly from the line quality to the playful relationship between the positive and negative spaces. Also the color of the work is calm and cool however the energy of the piece comes across as alot more energetic. The piece invites the viewer to do a complete three hundred and sixty degrees around it. Evolving yourself around its space as the piece evolves itself around the viewer. This relationship between work and viewer is one that I find enhances my experience with an art work. I have acquired another relationship and appreciation of sculpture.

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