Monday, March 8, 2010

Christiana Kim/ Rolf Aamot,Awakening, 100X150cm, 2006

This is considered a digital photopainting. I found the terminology interesting so I decided to dig further. As I dug in further the process started to become less and less interesting to me. Turns out the process is messing with filters for the most part. I stumbled upon this photo by Aamot and was stunned by the colors and composition. I really like the contrasting qualities that are in this photo. There is a minimal feel in this photo along with some expressive qualities with the lines and the brightness of the colors. The bright bright yellow is undeniably the sun and the yellow around it is radiating that energy giving the photo a lot of movement. I like how he implies most of what is in the photo. Its straight forward but ambiguous enough to have fun looking at it and keep your eye interested.

1 comment:

  1. At least he has taken filters beyond what you normally see. It isn't so easy to just say...filter>drybrush on this one. The abstract nature of the image has potential for sure. What happens when you use the effects with subject matter that has more content?