Monday, March 8, 2010

Davin Lavikka - Lauralee Palencia

Davin Lavikka - All Saints Day 2004
Let me start by saying that I love cemetary photographs. I love the way that they look so old because of the tombs and crypts. In this photograph, Davin Lavikka has set up his camera to give the tombs and crypts a monumentalized feeling to them. I love that about this photograph. He also gave the tombs/crypts the effect that they are leaning towards each other. Either he knew or was lucky when he took this photograph because even the clouds are giving the image some contrast. I'm wondering what effect it would have on the photograph if he were to have used film with a bluish tint to it. Would it look cold? Would it have a creepier effect? This photograph makes me want to go to a cemetary for a photo shoot and see what I can do.


  1. UMMM yummy image! And then the realization that this is a cemetary and one should not think a cemetary can be beautiful but aesthetically he achieved it! This image is simply wonderful and the way Lavikka causes the shapes to appear so monumental and the contrast of line and shapes that provide awkward perspective creates a relationship with the elements in the photograph that work well together!

  2. The cemetery is certainly a beloved subject for photographers. It can get old seeing the same boring shots of tombstone after tombstone. It is nice to see an image shot from a different perspective, and not done in the style of "creepy spirits in the cemetery". Go shoot and let's see what you can do!