Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blair Bodden submits Laura McPhee at SPE conference

Laura McPhee was a guest speaker and distinguished artist at the SPE South Central Conference held at UTSA in San Antonio. McPhee spoke on Saturday October 1st at the San Antonio Central Public Library. McPhee spoke about her work River of No Return. This work depicts life and nature in the Sawtooth Valley in Idaho. She explores the region with her large format camera to capture landscapes, lives of the rural people, and the effects of wildfires. During her talk in San Antonio, McPhee started with describing her life as a child and the stories she would hear of family members. McPhee related these stories to her work and the investigation of living in a rural community by documenting a family living in this particular part of Idaho. McPhee takes a traditional art form of landscapes and turns them into so much more. This comes from the content of the imagery but also when standing in front of these large scale prints they seem to ingulf the viewer.

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