Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blair Bodden submits Susan Kae Grant

Susan Kae Grant is a photographer who explores dreams, memories, the unconscious, and unexplainable experiences to create her body of work Night Journey. In researching Grant, I found that she herself did scientific research when creating this work. In her artist statement, she states, “This project is the culmination of research conducted at the Southwestern Medical Center Sleep Laboratory in collaboration with sleep scientist, Dr. John Herman. Using myself as subject, I was tape recorded in the laboratory on many occasions while awakened from REM sleep. These awakenings provided vivid access to the dream-state. Audio recordings captured in the sleep laboratory served as inspiration to create the photographs for this series.” As an undergrad, I am always looking for inspiration and knowledge, which I found when researching Grant. I have always been intrigued with creating my own worlds and stories. Grant has accomplished this with scientific driven research and using her own experiences to convey her concept.

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