Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Katy Schmader submits Galina Mnikova

Galina Manikova was a woman I discovered in the Alternative Process textbook in the school library. I really admire her work to due the attention to the medium that she presents her work on, and how it effects the message she displays to her audience.
These images are from a variety of projects that she has worked on. The first image is from series discusses issues about the wailing wall. These prints are at least six feet tall that hang from the ceiling and are printed on silk. Because of how large the image is, they make an incredible impact on her audience. As an artist, I was always curious when it is appropriate to work in specific mediums such as cyanotype. I think her art reflects very well, and takes advantage of cyanotype as it compliments what she is discussing in her work.
The second image is a series six of silver gelatin prints on glass sheets and screwed together to create a new image. Although this process could have been done on photoshop, I admire this piece because it works in multiple fashions, as a photographic image, and as a sculpture. also due to the way that it is created, it forces her audience to take a closer look at it, the object is very intimate.
I think my favorite series she has is a series called being blue, which the third image is a part of. This work is a series of portraits done in cyanotype on both fabric and paper. On her website she discusses how here work reflects on loneliness and suffering, and loving and longing. Once again I admire her ability to take advantage of the medium she works in, and to understand what that medium can say to its audience.

a lot of her work can be found on her website:

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