Monday, July 16, 2012

Amanda S. #1: Irina Werning & my project

Photos by Irina Werning's "Back to the Future" series
Her images are similar to what I have in mind for my project. I thought they were well-planned and quite humorous. My project would also require planning and staging, though not replicas of existing photos.
My thoughts on the project...

I was haunted by smiling images of my sister's recently-deceased nephew as I tried to sleep the other night.  He was always such a loving, caring, very good-looking kid who, at age 21, succumbed to the hell of drug use.  I forgave him the moment I heard of his demise... I knew he could not shake that particular demon. He shared his love freely from the moment he was born and I always had a soft spot in my heart for him.

Augie's beautiful smiling face is what inspired my idea for recreations of what I feel can be described as "Solitary Bliss." I want to recreate moments of our childhood that impacted us in a positive way.  Moments that made us smile or feel content. Chicken noodle soup on a cold rainy day, fishing or skipping rocks at the lake, the free feeling of flying on a playground swing, or the thrill of a roller coaster ride. These moments do not require anyone else on Earth to participate, hence the "solitary" part of it, but most of the time it was wonderful to share them with someone.

I would like to create a series of pictures of my friends of family, each recreating a favorite moment or activity from their childhood. I'd like to help them conjure up long-forgotten warm and fuzzy feelings. In a way, it's a tribute to Augie, who is gone way too soon. I remember him at every stage in life, always with a loving smile on his face and a kind word to say. I'd like those involved in the project to slow down our hectic lives just long enough to enjoy a few precious moments of bliss.

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