Tuesday, July 24, 2012


YIKES! Monday came and went! Still no internet at home.....it's the internet people with their towers and antennas and stuff. You know how that goes. Well okay, it's Tuesday and I will just have to gather yesterdays thoughts and pile them on today...(didn't have any yesterday). This morning at about 5:30 a.m. I had MONKEY MIND SYNDROME! Yep, my mind was jumpin' around everywhere. I had the wildest thoughts folks. I began thinking about this BEEF obsession! I wonder if my body is going through withdrawals at night and I'm not even aware of it. I'm use to eatin' a steak pretty often at Hondos  wonderful steakhouse called HERMANSONS. Anybody been there. I guess you could say my family and I would all make it a monthly pilgrimage to make the drive over there. It's the best steak you will ever taste and at the best price...far better then Long Horn Steakhouse or Saltgrass...WHY AM I PROMOTING THEM! I WANT TO STOP EATING STEAK AND SAVE THE ANIMALS WITH THE BIG FACES THAT STARE BACK AT YOU! .....okay, okay.....lets get to my ideas for my project.  I'm still thinkin about beef here.  I was takin' a walk down one of our country roads near me...didn't trespass this time but almost....this sign...I see them all the time out in the country but for once I stopped and asked myself WHY do people have them..POSTED, KEEP OUT.....What are they hiding or protecting out here...then it came to me.  Their investment, which isn't so much their land (well yeah but..) but more so ...THEIR BEEF! They don't want people messin' with their cattle! So, I think this is where the monkey mind thingy came to play....I was thinking about that in my half sleep, half wake state...I started thinking about people having BBQ get togethers and how that some how seemed like sacrificing the BEEF!
The Beef industry is sooooo huge! My X husband use to be a cattle hauler there at the end of our marriage..I remember going with him on a few nasty trips to HAUL cattle  from the dreadful  feed lots to the kill plants. I hated it! I saw all the abuse...and still ate Beef. Although I was eating organic grass fed just a few weeks back, I got to thinking about how now we make sure we kill them NICELY.....Nice pristine living conditions but they's still wind up on my table. US BEEF EATERS OF AMERICA! That was one of my thoughts..why? not  sure but this whole idea is going somewhere people. I'm not sure if I can make it all come together in a few weeks but like Libby said, it may be MOOOOOVIN' me in aWHOPPING direction.
....I think my mind meant WHOPPER.....passed by a Burger King yesterday......

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