Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ruth Olivares posts her Ideas :)

Okay! things that are inspiring..things I care about, think about, are incensed by...Wow! Where to start.....Okay lets see...Got it!
Things I like to do, maybe you could say or just things I wanna do to pass the time with comfort. I love going to Half Price book store, act like a hippie and sit on the floor and look through books for a few hours at a time. The people there are quite different and I guess that's why I'm there as well. I love the smell of old books and seeing thousands of them on shelf after shelf feels very nostalgic. I of course go through photography books as well as art books but I also love thumbing through the ones with pictures of Native Americans and the Old West. I think Native American people are beautiful to look at. I especially like the way the men look!!!!!!! My favorite actor Jay TAvare is in a lot of movies where he portrays them. Gorgeous!

I think this is a little weird but I really like cemeteries! When I was a kid we use to party at the old cemetery on the outer side of town. I know that's really creepy but I like the thrill! I love photographing old mausoleums that look very weathered and have that mossy patina finish. The statues have a texture that has wonderful grey scale values to them. Creepy, I know.

Open fields with nothing is very soothing to me. When I was very young I grew up on a very large ranch and I often walked it daily as a teenager just to get away from my parents. I'd walk through open fields of grass, flowers, weeds and sometimes just sand. I liked and boy still do enjoy going into old barns or abandoned buildings....Sometimes I trespass when I see one I really like, just to get near it to take a photo! It's exciting...not getting caught!

I am very attracted to places where there is a lot of line and geometric shapes.  Down town cities with skyscrapers and windows, stair wells, highways....long stretches....( I love line).

I love singing! When I was younger I use to sing and did so for years in different groups. I haven't' sang in over 10 years but I sure do crank up the radio in my car every morning as I'm driving to school. I know people think I'm crazy but who cares!

Things  I DON'T LIKE....I can say I don't like organized religion....this is a personal preference; I by all means do not judge anyone who does. However, it was a part of my life for 21 yrs. quite fanatically and I was able to escape those ties and now say I am SPIRITUAL but not RELIGIOUS.
I absolutely love God and read up on Alternative history quite often. I have learned so much by diving into THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS and realize how warped my religious foundation was. When I realized how little I really knew I decided to start fresh with my research and relearn things. It has made me very happy to go my way.

I think a lot about things like Quantum Physics....funny but this is a new way of thinking when it comes to my existence. I've run up and down through all kinds of rabbit holes.  I may not speak about it much but I think about it quite often. Who am I and where do I come from....stuff like that.

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  1. Well, no one said we couldn't post on our own posts! I had a real hard time thinking of things yesterday because I was put on the spot so I came up with some more ideas of stuff that was important to me. I had to be in my element to open up here.....so of course, I was at HEB shopping! I'm trying very hard to cut out red meat....for health reason....and this truly limits my cooking menu. I buy a lot of organic food and I love it but my wallet does NOT! Boy the price we pay for what we DON'T want put in our food!!!!!! So, cooking and preparing healthy meals is a real big deal to me and my family. So this consumes me more than I would like. So yes FOOD is one of those things on THE LIST!