Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kat Post #1

Things that I am interested in/influenced by:
Wes Anderson! This man is so brilliant. I love how visually ornate all of his films are, and I feel that with each film he has simplified his way of doing things but maintained his visual quality. What I most enjoy though is how awkward and funny his characters are. Anderson brings up deeper issues (family strife, death) but does so in a way that isn't depressing or off putting.

I am also intrigued by the ideas of the traditional family and roles of people in the family.
What is a traditional family? What are the roles of individuals with in the family? How do things change as people age? What happens when there is strain/stress with in the family? Can your friends/roommates be your family? What does the extended family mean to people?

I am also very interested in psychological disorders. The way the mind changes and reacts when people have a psychological condition. How do people change when the cycle? Some one with manic-depressive disorder cycles through mania, depression, and normalcy. What exactly is normal? And can these people or people around them tell what the "real" person is like? Are the thoughts in their "normal" state who they really are, or is a combination of all three states? How do people cope with this?

I have social anxiety and would like to do more work based on that concept.
I have certain things I do as a way to cope with meeting new people, and these allow me to interact with a bit more ease. However, coping mechanisms don't always work. Plus, I have to employ these methods to be at ease, so they help but also hinder me simultaneously.
Here is an image I made talking about this idea:
This is work by Sarah Hobbs which is similar in concept. Also the images are just awesome

Insomnia is also something that I have do deal with when I have issues with my own psychological and family issues. In my work I would like to further explore the ideas of rapid flow of thoughts, lack of memory, hallucinations, and use of multiples.

Here's an example of images about this:

 Fractured imagery is also something I would like to explore. I think that type of image could be utilized to talk about some of these concepts

Meeting new people is difficult for me because of my social anxiety, but I really enjoy people watching. I don't necessarily have a desire to introduce myself to people and interact with them (because that sounds super scary) but I do like observing people and learning things about them (not in a creepy way, I hope).  This has lead me to be interested in ideas of voyeurism and privacy. What do people do with their private time? What do those things tell us about that individual? Is there even such a thing as privacy in an age where everything is posted on social networking sites? Do we need privacy? Is it okay to intrude on some one's privacy? What constitutes an intrusion?
Sophie Calle is some who works with these ideas, and is just and interesting character.

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  1. I like your idea bits on privacy. I think that would be interesting Kat. When I met my boyfriend of 4 years now. He was very private person and still is. To this weird as this may sound...I have NEVER seen his feet! He is soooo private! I just couldn't understand him at first and as one point almost moved on because I'm so open with people in y relationships but I eventually learned to respect him and not take his 'not wanting to SHARE everything about him' so personal. This would be an interesting topic. I'd love to see how you would execute this if you decide to go with it.