Friday, November 16, 2012

Kathryn Fisher reviews Daphne Chan

Daphne Chan identifies as a boudoir and fine art nude photographer. Chan is based in New York and Vancouver. She aims to capture beautiful and artistic portraits of women. Most of her work is likely commissioned from women interested in having a boudoir photo session with her. While I appreciate her goal to make her clients feel confident and glamorous during their sessions, the end result of the photos is nothing overly inspiring. 
Yes, these women look beautiful, and I’m sure these sessions support Chan financially, but the images I find intriguing are her fine art nudes.

Her older, black and white images focus more on the full bodies of her female models. Some of these nude images seem like they are trying to abstract body-scapes, but fail to be successful as such. More often than not, the black and white images are sexual and voyeuristic. Thankfully, it appears that Chan is growing as an artist.

Chan’s newer images are still female nudes. However, these new color images are shot in settings such as bathrooms and hotel rooms. In these newer images the full figure cannot usually be seen. Because of the positioning of the figure, the images take on a quiet, yet weird feeling. It is not clear why the woman is sitting behind a curtain, or bent over a wall. With soft, muted colors the images take on a peaceful quality but are uncomfortable at the same time due to the award or unusual pose of the model. It is this ambiguity of the scene and uncertainty of the emotions of the figure that compel me to engage with these photographs.

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