Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ana Cantu reviews Modern Day Slavery by Lisa Kristina

The collection Modern Day Slavery by the artist Lisa Kristine is sad, yes, but also very beautiful. The topic cannot be a happy one, and with it one hopes that the pictures of it would be extremely ugly, so you can quickly look away and remember them as ugly pictures. But what the artist has accomplished by taking these pictures is engaging the viewer and making them take a longer look and realize that they are people who appear on the photos.
      The photos are very well taken and do have a lasting impression, especially the ones of the brick workers. The reason I felt they were better was because one in particular caught my attention, the one where a man is carrying bricks on his head and the dirt is falling over him, and that made me look for others that had to do with that one. Also, because it was sort of less foreign in a way that could mean that that is not happening in some far away country, but could be happening here.
       The pictures did their job, and the artist accomplished what she was trying to do by delivering the message of what is going around the world. And not only by showing of what was going on, but of arising curiosity and the need to be better informed, which is a lot better than showing something and only getting a sad reaction from the viewer.

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