Wednesday, November 28, 2012

David Finell reviews Ben Wilmore-

            Benn Wilmore is an extraordinarily dynamic photographer that has a command of light I would regard as being nearly second to none.  I became aware of Ben’s work through the CreativeLive website.  He has instructed there in the past.  His work creates a surreal appearance that enhances the spirit of the subject by highlighting its most essential characteristics.  Ben uses lightpainting in many of his images to define the fundamental shapes and to provide illumination where he wants to show the viewer to see the details.  His images are characterized by high dynamic range, strong contrasting details, vivid colors, and they convey a strong emotional content.  His creativity at Cadilliac Ranch genuine ely dosed display the cars in new light.  His landscape photography artfully presents his views of natures mastery in picturesque areas not as familiar to most as those of the grand canyon and slot canyon.  His imagery of the badlands is exquisite.

Beyond being an extraordinary photographer, he also enjoys sharing his techniques and craft.  He is the author of several photography books including the Adobe Systems Photoshop Studio Techniques series, Up to Speed, and How to Wow: Photoshop for photography.  He has also provided instruction to thousands of students thru workshops and classes.

In 2004 Ben was recognized by earning the Photoshop Hall of Fame award.

Getting in touch with ben can be challenging.  He doesn’t have a permanent place of residence, but lives full-time in a 40’ Prevost motorcoach.  Between his lecture circuit he spends his time photographing his travels.

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