Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chad Davis reviews Oleg Oprisco

       Oprisco is a Ukrainian photographer who uses traditional modeling techniques and monochromatic  tonal value to inject a unique atmospheric and haunting quality into all of his imagery. His style can be instantly recognizable to those that have seen any of his work.  He provides a personal experience with the models that he uses for the viewers as opposed to being an onlooker to these individuals.  He manages this connection between viewer and subject by his control of the value and color utilized, often times monochromatic yellows, blues, and greens, along with perspective qualities and directed lines to have an onlooker immediately drawn to the model.  Each is soft in subject as most are either female models or a personal, intimate moment with a significant other that the viewer happened by.  I will focus on the solitary moments with the female models for an interpretation.

      He has a strong command over perspective and line to envelope a viewer into the image for the personal environments that he provides as in the image provided above with the directed ribbon.  In the selection of images chosen on his digital portfolio, they all seem to have their own unique story telling for each model, and their existence in the space.  At first glance, the photographs are almost composed as a traditional fashion image, which is his aesthetic intention but wishes to take it beyond and include a narrative element.  

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