Monday, July 29, 2013

Christy Campbell submits Sheila Bocchine

Sheila Bocchine's photographs explores and documents the dream-like world around her.  For one set of series (the top 2 pictures), she documented her road trip across the U.S. focusing on the small moments where she felt she had a good memory with that time and place.  These photographs show an array of the possibilities you can have with your pinhole camera.  They show this fantasy like places with the movement she incorporates with them.  The other set of photographs (bottom 2 pictures), she took exposures of her sleeping in various places, capturing the movement of her tossing and turning. This set is more interesting to me because they have this eerie quality to them, in some you cannot even see her body because she moved so much while she was exposing.  Her concepts could use a little more, but she is a good example to look at her color film pinholes.

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