Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Melissa Tristan 2

Chris Orr

Chris Orr is a photographer from Oregon.  He specifies in pinhole photography with his girlfriend Jaqueline Smith.  They created their own pinhole camera for 35mm film ,color and black and white, with a matchbox.  In an interview Chris talks about the subject matters they tend to shoot for, yet they do not usually know at that moment what they are looking for but what they find by going bike riding around with out a time frame.

The way they use perspective is a key point in the photographs because it shows a point of view that we normally don't look for which makes them beautiful.  The bottom two images really caught my eye the most.  The way they captured the subjects really creates a wonderful depth where the view is interesting.  They show a great input in the geometric style in architecture that helps evolve the imagery.  These work very well in color as oppose to being black and white because having the contrast really makes the subjects pop out of its scene and create a vibrant look to them.

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