Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rachel Covarrubia submits Walter Crump 2

With his warped worlds and limited colors which he adds himself, Walter Crump brings a disfiguried view to the world. The use of shape within the images, along with placement, brings to question to viewers "Where am I?"As if stepping into a drunken alter reality, the stretched buildings and intimidate and frighten the viewer. If it's the intention or not, the imagery and tones of the pictures almost frighten.Taking the use of lines, if it be horizon lines or just architecture lines of buildings, there's a broken view of the world. If not for the toning, some of the images would just look like any other photo. But the tones bring something new, something different and emphasize the pictures, giving them their sense of being lost in this big world, where everything is looming over you.

Walter Crump website

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