Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Diana Bloomfield

Diana Bloomfield is a photographer who has been an exhibiting artist for twenty five years and is known for her unique pinhole photographs.  She uses a technique that makes her prints much more exquisite.  Using platinum/palladium prints to create her own on archival paper and if she feels it is necessary she will tone her prints using alternative processing, such as cyanotype and gum bichromate. 

Her photographs brings such a soothing feel with how the environments is. The landscapes create its own emotion that draws the viewer in and there is a balance of the settlement that is not plain or boring. 
Landscapes are one subject that Bloomfield does with such grace in pinhole and another is using sculptures and figures together.  An example is the one above to the right.  It shows a story with little movement of the figures by using scaling.  Looking as if they were really holding onto this circular form of sculpture that is at a far background distance.  The photograph seems like the two females have a possible deep connection that appreciate one another with the world around them in my opinion.  Diana Bloomfield has deep thought into her subjects that makes her work stronger and interesting.  To think of using an additional process to better her image is quite brilliant and I admire the amount of thought she puts into her work.

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