Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rachel Covarrubia submits Chris Keeney 1

In this experimental pinhole image by Chris Keeney, we see different elements being brought in to the image. We have what appears to be different images coming together, such as the hand over the image of Our Lady Guadalupe. There is even hints of finger and hand prints with the indention's of the skin showing through image. It calls to question how the artist was able to print on such images. Is it perhaps through the process itself? Or over the photos? Perhaps just overlaying of images. I find the imagery intriguing, and having looked at other works in his gallery, I wonder if there is some perhaps religious ties to the images and artist themselves.. Perhaps it is saying something of shame against religion.
The artist as a whole through his experimentation of pinhole, as well as his notes on what he is using for the pictures, what camera he has made, and the imagery he presents, is really something I quite enjoy. He takes images that many see in their day to day life, and bring them in a new light.

Chris Keeney homepage

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