Sunday, February 23, 2014

Autumn Dean/ Hong Sungchul

Hong Sungchul is a photographer as well as a sculptor.   He earned his BFA and MFA in South Korea.  After that he got a second MFA at the California Institute of Arts in 2001.   He has shown his work around the world and is known for his string photographs.
In Sungchul’s work he turns his photographs into sculptures.  He takes hundreds of elastic strings and prints his image on them.  This creates a haunting image that almost makes you feel like you are hallucinating when you look at them.  This symphony of strings makes you want to reach out a touch this image.  He wants viewers to not rely so much on their visual senses.  The Korean artist when talking about why he works with string says “Representation of what ties humans together from the earliest stage of life—the umbilical cord.”  This is to show the bond between humans.  He like to show this because of how the family culture in South Korea works.  He also feels there are to many boundaries with gallerys and museums and how you are not allowed to experience pieces but in the way they allow you to.
I connect with this artist in many ways.  Taking an image and making it into a sculpture always makes me feel more connected with the piece.  I like to see the artist hand in their work.  I also feel that his connection to strings is a good way to communicate the bond between people.  I believe we will see even more great things from this artist.

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