Sunday, February 23, 2014

Autumn Dean/ Maurizo Anzeri

Maurizo Anzeri is an Italian artist that lives and works in London.  He received his BA and MFA at The Slade School of Art.  He is currently showing his work in London even though he shows internationally often.
His most recent body of work is as he likes to call it “photo-sculpture”.  He prefers to describe his portraits this way.  The reason he puts his work in this category is because of how he manipulates the photograph.  His work is very unique he often works with other artists to get exactly the look he wants.  At first his pieces were vintage photographs that had been found by him at flea markets and other places.  He then embroiders on top of the photo to give it a three-dimentional element to it.  He looks at a photograph and is more interested in it being a material or object than a process.  Capturing a moment on paper is magic and by embroidering on top of it he is trapping that moment even more on to the paper.  While embroidering he trys never to cover the face completely and will always leave at least one eye open.  This thread is to show the mask that is inside of you that seems to grow out. 
Anzeri finished a new body of work that is called Dazed and Confused.  He worked with a photographer and a stylist to get the exact portrait that he could work on.  I think this artist is so interesting and shows something new with an old technique.  

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