Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sheridan O’Neal submits Adam Gruba #4

Sheridan O’Neal submits Adam Gruba

Gruba uses his performances to explore ideas of philosophy and how those interact visually with the environment. He uses philosophy that is constantly being created to create rules of representation of the image and the understanding of the audience. His works intellectual dimension is the most important part of any piece of his art. He constantly questions reality and creation in his art. While his art is based on complex ideas and philosophy, is art doesn’t always communicate effectively all the thought that he intends for them to have. I think there is too much left to the audience to interpret when his ideas and actions are so specifically motivated. I think his most successful piece is “Levitation” in which the artist is suspended on a pole and searches to find a mental and physical point of levitation which explores truth and illusion. 

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